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Top 10 Rakshabandhan Marketing Campaigns Strategies for Instagram

Festivals are a great occasion to connect with your family. It’s a celebration of culture but it can be more for you. Festivals are also a great way to reach your target audience. And who doesn’t love extra money? This time on RakshaBandhan, surpass your income goals. Here are the top 10 Rakshabandhan Marketing Campaigns Strategies for Instagram.

Defined Goal

You must have a defined reason and goal for the campaign. With this information, you can have a clear vision and easy follow-ups. It will also help you find key areas you need to focus on like views, saves, checkouts, and more.

Discount and Promotional Offers

This is a great campaign strategy if one of the major goals of your Raksha Bandhan campaign is sales. It is a psychological push for your target audience to buy from you.

Storytelling Giveaway

It is a new innovative way to collaborate within the community. You can give discounts, products, and more when people tag you telling stories with their siblings. It will not only promote your views but will be a fun activity.

Promote A Concept

You can promote your Brand by breaking a stereotype. This is a new advertising strategy that many businesses approach. It is a concept discussed in campaigns that makes people think and also promotes your product.

Fun and Relatable Content

Post about how your product is related to the life of siblings through your funny stories. Today, people love to hear stories and feel relatable to someone. You can easily use it in your RakshaBandhan Campaign

Be Your Audience

Try to think like your target audience and see how your product can help them this time. Be creative and thoughtful. Use the USP of your product to its advantage. Why your product?

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to increase viewership and sales. Here, you can also choose the influencers apart from your Industry that may have common interests. Choosing sibling accounts is more beneficial.

Create a Gift Card\Package for Siblings

There are some products that can also be helpful for siblings and can be used together. RakshaBandhan is about family and your campaign strategy should include things that can be done together.

Host a Virtual Event

There are many festivals where people feel alone. In the same way, people feel alone on RakshaBandhan as well. Host a virtual event where you can invite siblings and do activities people can enjoy from a long distance.


It is a necessity to have a defined timeline and enjoy the process. RakshaBandhan's campaign strategies will only work when you do it for a specific time period and really enjoy it while you are doing it.


So these were our top 10 Rakshabandhan Marketing Campaigns Strategies for your Instagram this year. Try to incorporate the same at this festival and enjoy this process. Your business deserves this, and so do you.

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