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5 Common SEO Mistakes That Adversely Affect Google Ranking

SEO is grabbing all the eyeballs because of its power to rank websites. It has become a skill everyone wishes to learn. Brand owners these days are investing more in SEO for the growth of their business. A good SEO strategy can be fruitful for any business, whereas a poor SEO strategy can severely affect the ranking and cost your business a lot. Though these days SEO is used by many organizations, even you might be using it for your business, but as a newbie, there are some SEO mistakes that you are likely to make which can affect your ranking adversely.

Consider this blog as your guide for avoiding SEO errors that can help you get an edge over your competitors.


Google these days is used by everyone. If you want to know about the price of a product, just search, and it's there. Looking for home remedies for any problem, just Google it, and the problem is solved. Google is the solution to everyone's problem.

Now, let's view this scenario from the business industry. Imagine a consumer searching for any product or service that exactly matches your brand and here comes the role of SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is basically the process of improving the website ranking by increasing the traffic organically. So, the key is targeting the keywords! It means the things that people search on Google, need to match with the keywords in your content so that when any user is trying to find the solution to his/her problem, your brand or service pops up, and tada your Google rank gets better!

5 Common SEO Mistakes:

Some marketers or business owners even after putting constant efforts into Search Engine Optimization fail to yield good results for their organization. This happens because they commit these common SEO blunders mentioned below:

1. Repetitive keywords: Repetition of keywords also known as keyword stuffing is the biggest SEO error you can commit. Imagine if my blog is on SEO, and I write "SEO is good but SEO is quite hard because SEO includes principles but still SEO needs to be learned because SEO is useful". Quite boring right? That exactly is the impression a reader gets while reading content that has repetitive keywords, it makes your content bland and monotonous. Do not overuse any keyword.

2. Not fixing broken links: Broken links are the links that don't work. The reason can be either change in the URL structure or moving of the webpage without a redirect being added. Imagine what a user will experience after encountering a 404 error? Probably a bad user experience! So, to give your user a good experience, fix the broken links on your site as soon as possible.

3. Not optimizing title tags and meta tags: Another SEO fault is not optimizing title tags and meta tags. Meta tags help search engines identify the core topic of your pages in order to connect them with keywords used by searchers. Optimizing title tags means choosing the relevant keywords for a click-worthy link on a search engine result page (SERP).

4. Creating duplicate content: The creation of duplicate content is also one of the biggest mistakes in SEO. We all research before writing on any topic and take ideas from a lot of resources but the content published on the website or page should be original and not just paraphrased because it can affect the brand's credibility. The content should be unique in itself and not seem duplicated to the reader.

5. Slow web page speed: Your SEO strategy no matter how good it is, is likely to fail if the web page speed of your site is slow. In this competitive world of marketing, a user has an end number of options to choose from so, if by landing on your webpage, if the speed of it is slow, then the user will just click on any other that will certainly affect your ranking. So, make sure that your web page speed isn't slow and provides a user-friendly experience.


SEO is a complex skill but can be mastered if given attention. Everyone is prone to make mistakes but the importance lies in learning and rectifying them. We hope that now you won't commit any of these errors in SEO mentioned above.

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