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Social Media Management

Go viral in 2021 with powerful social media marketing.

Is your business using the most effective and latest social media strategies of 2021? Originally written off as a fad, the truth is if your business is not using social media the right way this year, you are losing out on sales and dollars.

YouNedia Digital Marketing Agency makes it easier for you to focus on the other parts of your business with our social media management and marketing services. Here are 7 of the most common reasons why business owners are struggling with social media:

  • Too time consuming.

  • Challenging to get content to a new or larger audience.

  • Not sure how to create a social media strategy that works.

  • Hard to create quality visuals, graphics or articles.

  • Difficult to come up with content to share.

  • Not knowing how to establish an authentic connection with audience.

  • Unsure how use data to make content better.

Social media Management Services include:

Identification and Assessment of Target Audience

Creation of Effective Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Regular Scheduled Updates as Well as News and Articles as They Happen

Continuous Social Media Monitoring, Including Recognition and Response

Sustained Research, Tracking, And Adaptation to Online Trends and Resources

Encouraging Awareness and Support Within Blogging Community and Forums

Targeting Specific Keywords, Phrases and Topics Relevant to Your Brand

Utilization of Analytics and Data-Tracking Tools for Strategy Improvement

Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

We help you to identify your target audience and connect with them


Facebook Marketing

An inactive Facebook page can give you feeds but not leads but our team of Social Media Management work to bring life back to your FB page.


Instagram Marketing

Our Instagram marketing strategies can take your brand high on the success ladder.


YouTube Marketing

Our team of experts will help you to develop an effective youtube marketing strategy with our Strategy Blueprint that has helped hundreds of smart brands.


LinkedIn Marketing

We help you to grow your network with professionals and target the right audience through LinkedIn Marketing.


Twitter Marketing

Our customer-focused approach means each and every business is a partner when it comes to launching their Twitter marketing campaign.


WhatsApp Marketing

Our team are well trained for using WhatsApp as a marketing tool to the best of their ability.


Pinterest Marketing

Pins, Feeds, and Boards, the lifecycle of Pinterest revolves around it and we specialize the art of blending all to get the results.

Starting From Scratch?

Whether you are just starting a new business, or completely overhauling your social media strategy, we will complete the process for you. Services include:

  • Strategy development

  • Social profile setup

  • Content development

  • Ad management

  • Posting, monitoring and replying

  • Reporting

Go Team

Why Work With Us?

As a social media marketing and management company in India, we provide our clients with in-depth reports so you can see exactly what is making your business more revenue. We provide transparency so you will always know what we are doing to provide more value to your company including:

  • Biweekly or monthly social media campaign reports

  • Itemized breakdown of the tasks we have accomplished and what we are currently working on

  • A dedicated account manager that will work with your company directly by offering consulting; support via phone or email

Whether you want to increase your post engagement, get your products in front of a new audience, or find out what audiences are saying about your business, we’ve got you covered.

Want to make your brand more viral and profitable?

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