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Importance of Google Business Profile for Small Businesses

Every day, most people use Google to find the answers to their queries/questions, to search for a product or service. Nowadays, Google is becoming the most important part for users to discover products and services in their local areas. So it is important to make sure your local business can be easily found on Google Search and Google Maps. With the help of Google Business Profile (fairly said Google My Business or Google Business Listing), you can create a listing for your business or local store, it will appear on Google Search as well as on Google Maps.

Creating a profile on Google Business is a great way to enhance your visibility across Google services. It is a tool that enables business owners to manage how they can appear online across Google. It allows you to provide business information like location, contact number, services, working hours, products, which helps to build trust for the customers i.e. this business is genuinely present.

Why Do You Need a Google Business Listing?

If you are not using a Google Business Account, you are missing out on generating more leads and traffic. Google Business Profile helps you to get your business on the top 3 results of google, to reach and engage with your potential customers, build trust from customers, and increase your sales.

What can you do with your Google business profile?

With the help of Google Business Account, you can showcase your products and services through visuals. In fact, you can also post photos and videos of your services because more people are attracted to the images and video creatives. Businesses with positive reviews on their profile can benefit from higher click-through and conversion rates. So you can ask your customers to write reviews. Google Business Profile provides detailed insights into your business. It allows you to track site visits, calls, direction requests, and more. From all these benefits, there is no doubt that GMB has the potential to generate high traffic and opportunities for your business.

Benefits of Google Business Profile:

1. Increase your visibility on the web: The main advantage of using google business Listings for marketing is, it improves your business visibility on Google searches. Google Business Profile appears in the local 3 pack and in Google Maps results. The Local 3-pack is located in a valuable and highly visible space on the search results page on Google. It is the first thing seen by a google user.

Many businesses have been trying different SEO tricks, but with the help of google business listing, you can enhance your visibility on the web.

2. Share appropriate information with your potential customers: Google Business Profile allows you to share information about your business including business location, contact details, business timing, specialized category, and business description. It also allows you to share photos, videos, products, services, updates, offers, and news of your business and brand. These all information is shown on google search and map and enables you to keep in touch with your target audience or potential customers.

3. Boost your appeal with reviews: "Best feeling in any business is when you see that your clients had a great experience with your services".

Reviews are a powerful factor when customers are making a buying choice. Nowadays, people read reviews online first to evaluate the quality of a local business and products. Also, reviews and testimonials build trust among the people. It is also a ranking factor that helps your business to be visible on the search result.

If you enhance your business visibility in google search, use google business profile to make it for customers to leave positive feedback about your business.

4. Increase Traffic and Sales: According to Google, businesses are 70% more likely to attract local visits from browsing users by having a Google My Business listing, increasing traffic and sales.

5. Free Google Advertising: Google business profile offers a cheaper way to get targeted customers on the biggest search engine. Your Google business profile should be verified and with complete details of your business.

Claiming your Google business profile is the first step to building your business visibility online. You should keep track of all new Google search algorithms. To manage your online google business profile, you can hire a firm like us ‘YouNedia’. As a digital marketing agency, we offer all services including SEO, Social Media Management, Local SEO, google advertising, youtube marketing, and more.

If you would like to know more about Google My Business and local SEO then why not speak to a member of our team who will be happy to help you.

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